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19 May 2021Announcement

A live prayer broadcast for the Ignatian Year
(23 May 2021, 8pm)


Have you scheduled it in your calendar?

The Ignatian Year celebrating the 500th anniversary of St. Ignatius’ wound at Pamplona and his subsequent conversion starts on 20 May 2021. In order to mark the beginning of this important year for the Ignatian family prayerfully, we are organising an online prayer broadcast, open to all, on 23 May. This prayer will last for about 35min and will be broadcast in three time zones: at 8pm in Manila (PhST), at 8pm in Rome (CEST), and at 8pm in New York (EDT). Each time, three language versions will be available: English, Spanish, and French.

The prayer will contain a contribution of Fr. General Arturo Sosa, testimonies from people in the different Jesuit Conferences, and music from amongst others Cristobal Fones, Keith Duke, and Laurent Grzybowski. Pope Francis will join us in the prayer.

There will be the possibility for sharing during the prayer in the online chat and on social media using the hashtag #ignatius500. There will also be interaction about the prayer and the Ignatian Year in the chat and on social media after the prayer.

This online prayer will be a major event in the Ignatian Year and Fr. General invites you all to join in and promote this prayer widely. This prayer answers to a desire of his: “This Ignatian Year should first and above all be an opportunity for an experience. Through all the events and projects developed during this year, we want to invite people to live an experience of conversion. […] It is about knowing Christ more clearly, loving Him more dearly, and following Him more nearly. […] We want this celebration to be a spiritual experience.”



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