14. Always on the way, a seeker of God

20 June 2022

Discover the life and spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola with these video series.


In his Autobiography, St. Ignatius of Loyola refers to himself as “the pilgrim.” With this title, he indicates that during his life he travelled an exterior and, above all, an interior path following in the footsteps of the Lord, seeking his presence in this world in the hope of meeting him after the threshold of death. In this pilgrimage, St. Ignatius learned that he had to follow the Holy Spirit, allowing himself to be inspired by him in his decisions, learning to read the signs that the Spirit gave him in the midst of the world, and, above all, not overtaking him, nor taking the initiative, but leaving everything in the Lord’s hands. Therefore, in the last stage of his pilgrimage, already in Rome, St. Ignatius wanted to apply this same method to govern the Society of Jesus and especially at the time of writing his Constitutions. These, not written in vain, should not only govern, but above all constitute the Jesuits as seekers of God in the midst of the world.



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