Seeing all things anew (song)

6 September 2021

On the occasion of MAGIS Europe (link) in Hungary and Slovakia, Tran Van Ngu SJ wrote a hymn for the Ignatian Year, called Seeing all things anew.


Seeing all things anew
There’s hope anew,
in a broken world.
Open to a new path,
Future begins today.

 Ref: Jesus, You call us:
Let’s renew our heart,
to know to love You more,
to follow You closer. 

Jesus, gather us,
Sending to others,
Bringing love and mercy,
Seeing all things anew.

 Rekindle new fire,
Burning in my heart,
Awaking new dream,
Alive in my soul.
Coda: Seeing all things new in Christ (4x)

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